# Tracker服务协议

# What is tracker.tamersunion.org?

This is a public bittorrent tracker using Chihaya (opens new window). It mainly serves torrents of Tamers Union. But it can also serve any public torrent. It support IPV4 and IPV6.

# Do you keep logs?

We don't keep logs when tracker is running normally.

# Can you remove file content from tracker?

There is nothing to remove, it's just a tracker. We don't have any torrent files. This tracker does not store any file content. So do not send any DMCA notice. This tracker does not allow for the blacklisting (or whitelisting) of hashes.

# SLA / Uptime

Don't expect perfect uptime. If the tracker is broken, it will be fixed. But we don't make service level promises.

# How do I use it?

This tracker solely responds via default HTTPS port (443) and HTTPS protocol. You can create a torrent and add this tracker url https://tracker.tamersunion.org:443/announce (opens new window). You can also add this tracker url on your bittorrent client. This tracker is protected by Cloudflare CDN. Please use domain (tracker.tamersunion.org) instead of IP address. the IP address resolved by tracker.tamersunion.org is provided by Cloudflare CDN. You can not use it directly.

# 什么是tracker.tamersunion.org?

这是一个公共BitTorrent追踪器,使用 Chihaya (opens new window) 构建。它主要服务于驯兽师联盟的种子,但也能服务于任何公共种子。它同时支持IPV4和IPV6连接。

# 你们保留记录吗?


# 可以从追踪器上删除文件内容吗?


# SLA / 在线时间


# 如何使用?

追踪器仅通过默认HTTPS端口(443)和HTTPS协议响应。你可以创建一个种子并添加追踪器的URL https://tracker.tamersunion.org:443/announce (opens new window) ,或者在你的BitTorrent客户端上添加追踪器的URL。追踪器被Cloudflare CDN所保护,请使用域名(tracker.tamersunion.org)而非IP地址连接,此域名解析的IP地址由Cloudflare提供,你不能直接使用该IP地址连接追踪器。